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21 Aug 2012


Workshop - Services Brake Service $29.00 Great for when your brakes just are not working as well as they used to… Frequency: when needed Brakes include: Check cables. Adjust brake shoe alignment. Adjust and tighten brake calipers. Check and tighten brake levers. Lube brake components. Spacer Image Gear Service $29.00 Great for when your gears just are not working as well as they used to… Frequency: when needed Gears include: Check and tighten cluster/cassette. Check Chain wear. Check gear cables. Adjust rear derailleur. Adjust front derailleur. Lube chain and gear components. Spacer Image A “Good” Service Geared Bikes: $59.00 Non-Geared Bikes: $45.00 As adjustments are a major cause of wear and tear plus frustration on your push bike…It’s easy to keep it working and rolling smooth with a GOOD Service Frequency: 3-6 months Includes: Check and adjust/ tighten Bottom Bracket/Headset/Hubs. Check Foot-brake for smooth and safe operation (Non-Geared). Check & straighten derailleur hanger. Adjust gears (Geared). Adjust brakes. Minor wheel truing. Tighten all components and fittings are tight. Wipe down bike. Check chain for wear. Lube cables. Lube chain and components. Check tyres for wear and cuts. Inflate tyres. Spacer Image A "Better" Service $99.00 + parts If your bike looks a bit like the roads and trails you’ve been riding then a BETTER service is what you need…We do what you don’t like to. Frequency: 6-12mths (more regularly for MTB) Includes: A GOOD Service PLUS Degrease drive train including derailleurs/cassette/chain/cranks Wash down frame, forks and wheels. The "Best" Service $199.00 + parts If your bike has been servicing you well for some time now and you want to give it the royal treatment. Frequency: 12-24 mths Includes: ADJUSTMENT PLUS DEGREASE service plus Wheels serviced (Truing/Retensioning/Rebuild hubs) Bottom Bracket and Headset serviced H/Bar tape rewound or grips replaced Gear & Brake cables replaced